The Magic of Alexandria




Introduction to the Magick of Alexandria

Hermeticism, Gnosticism and Mithraism were three spiritual movements that flourished in first five centuries of the common era in Alexandria, Northern Egypt. All three were characterized by initiations based on planetary initiations, which have been largely lost.

The magick practised at the same time and place is termed Graeco-Egyptian Magick and was a synthesis of the magick practised by the Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Greeks, Hebrews and Christians. This magick apart from mundane everyday concerns, sought spiritual development, empowerment, and immortalization. This magick was largely forgotten until the early 1800’s when numerous source documents were discovered. These documents were translated into English in their entirety in the mid-1980’s, but are still largely unknown to the general public.

“The Magick of Alexandria Workshops” are an authentic reconstruction of the Graeco-Egyptian Magick presented in a framework blending Hermeticism, Gnosticism and Mithraism. The workshops form a complete system of initiation, while the rituals within the workshops are composed entirely of excerpts from a number of authentic source documents.

The aim of these workshops is balanced spiritual development through the invocation of divine energies, by experiencing the entire range of divine archetypes and bringing them into balance. The workshops are structured so as to culminate in two unique rituals – one designed to confer immortality and escape the cycle of birth and rebirth; and the other to experience the absolute…