PantheaCon 2013

The 19th Annual PantheaCon was held February 15–18, 2013 (President’s Day Weekend) at the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose, CA. PantheaCon is the biggest event that Jo-Ann and I go to, with roughly 2400 attendees converging on the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose. With over 400 presentations spread out over the better part of four days, there really is something for everyone. As a Pagan networking opportunity, it has no rival in the US.

For the last few years, my wife Jo-Ann and I had gotten into the habit of arriving the day before PantheaCon starts so that we would be rested before it started. Catching up on sleep during PantheaCon is almost impossible, unless people are willing to knowingly miss out on part of the excitement. Given how full the parking lot next to the back entrance of the hotel is when we arrive, it seems that many others think the same way!

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