Tribute Pages

This page is dedicated to those wonderful, loving people that have given Tony support and encouragement in his dream of reintroducing the system of magick outlined in GEM.

Anji Porter

Anji is a wonderful courageous woman who selflessly gave her loving support and allowed Tony to hold his Brisbane workshops on her magickally beautiful property, thereby allowing the Magick of Alexandria Workshop Series to crystallize in its ultimate form.

Avera Vreeland

A talented singer with the voice of an angel, who tirelessly produced the GEM Companion CD.

Immanion Press / Megalithica Books

Do you have a manuscript that is well written, but non-mainstream esoterica? Are you having problems getting published because your manuscript is “too esoteric” and not fluffy bunny?? Consider submitting to this publishing company specializing in non-mainstream occult books.

Storm Constantine

The wonderful lady who established Immanion / Megalithica to bring about her own dream of having her prolific writings in print forever, as well as the dreams of talented writers who were being overlooked by mainstream publishers.

Taylor Ellwood and Lupa

This duo were responsible for the final editing and copy editing of GEM. Tony enjoyed working with them as they understood the importance of keeping his voice throughout while imparting a final polish.

Vinny Chong

The amazing artist who created the cover of GEM. A perusal of Vinny’s work will show that he is an incredibly gifted artist. He was able to intuit and capture the very essence of GEM and represent its primary themes.