Workshop Series Format

MOON dreams, sensuality, subconsciousness
Selene Greek moon goddess representing the maiden
Thoth Egyptian moon god and scribe
Hekate goddess revered by witches representing the crone


MERCURY psychopomp, wisdom
Hermes messenger of Greek Gods and guide of the dead
Anubis Egyptian god of embalming and guide of the dead
Daimon of the Dead abstract spiritual energy


VENUS love, friendship, relationships
Aphrodite Greek goddess of love
Isis the most worshipped goddess of the ancients
Bast Egyptian cat goddess


SUN balance, harmony, cosmic consciousness, divination
Helios Greek god of the solar disk
Apollo Greek god ruling the sun
Osiris the most worshipped Egyptian god in late antiquity


MARS drive, determination, willpower
Ares Greek god of war and protection
Horus Egyptian god of force and fire
Kerberos guardian of Hades


JUPITER power, wealth, expansiveness, justice, leadership
Zeus supreme Greek god of Mount Olympus
Agathodaimon (Good Daimon) protector god of Alexandria
Headless God creator god called upon in exorcisms


SATURN restriction, discipline, bring things to an end, gateway to the eighth sphere
Kronos Greek god, the Titan who ruled prior to Zeus
Set-Typhon powerful misunderstood God demonised in late antiquity
Bainchoooch spirit of darkness


EIGHTH stellar realm
Zizaubio Angel of the Pleiades (“The Seven Sisters”)
Bear constellation formed from the transformation of Callisto
Ogdoas god placed over the seven planetary spheres


NINTH the realm beyond the stars – experience of the ultimate
Mithras Persian deity worshipped throughout the Roman empire.
Aion Alexandrian supreme deity


The system of the nine spheres has been brought into the 21st century by
incorporating heliocentric cosmology, space-time curvature and fractal theory.
This meditative technique can be used to explore subatomic realms, galactic realms
and even multiple universes.